Why there is no opening balance for Profit and Loss Account?Refer me Detailed explanation.

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how two calculate capital a/c

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please send me .the all journal vochers with examples.

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In one sentence, What is Auditing ?

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how ficticious assets are valued??

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Can somebody explained IAS 11 construction contract in terms of general entries. and is there any possibility when WIP classified as non current assets.

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my friend paid Rs.6.00 Lakhs go a government office through a demand draft for a particualr permission/license. But actual fee payable by is Rs.2.00 Lakhs. Peviously submitted demand draft for Rs.6.00 Lakhs has not been adjusted into governmet account. he went to govt.office and requested to return the 6.00 Lakhs demand draft and assured that he wll pay th actual fee of 2.00 Lakhs. Can he get back the previously submitted Rs.6.00 Lakhs demand draft duly paying the actual fee of 2.00 Lakhs

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what is the tds rates for deduction by a private ltd. company with effect from 1st oct.09

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What is the reason(s) for leaving your present employment

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debenture comes under which head in tally

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How do you manage risk ?

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What is the most important part of your job ?

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