funds flows analysis how to prepare for interview

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Given a MAKEFILE (yeah a makefile), design the data structure that a parser would create and then write code that iterates over that data structure executing commands if needed.

0 Answers   Microsoft,

How do you create the Software Project Management Plan (SPMP)?

0 Answers   IBM,

Write a function that will return the number of days in a month (not using System.DateTime)?

0 Answers   Microsoft,

how to tell project details in interview the project is funds flow analysis?

0 Answers   Mphasis,

You have 3 jars. Each jar has a label on it: white, black, or white&black. You have 3 sets of marbles: white, black, and white&black. One set is stored in one jar. The labels on the jars are guaranteed to be incorrect (i.e. white will not contain white). Which jar would you choose from to give you the best chances of identifying the which set of marbles in is in which jar?

12 Answers   Intel, Microsoft,

can any body help me to know the procedure followed by programmer/developer inorder to develop a project. what are the steps, how he/she get the SRS,technical document??how does he submit his wotk to TL/PM/Business Analyst?? How does these documents review?? how the developer starts coding? how does he deploy his coding in server? in which server he will deploy?? what are the important document a developer should have??? Pls give me a real time scenario of development process, how it is going on in a company???? Thanks in advance

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How do you know that a particular individual is the project leader (or) how do you know that you are the Project Leader?

1 Answers  

Did you used crystal reports? Do you have sufficient knowledge on crystal reports?

0 Answers   HCL,

What is the basics of Agile/Scrum development?

5 Answers  

How would you deal with changes being made a week or so before the ship date?

1 Answers   Microsoft,

How do you write unit test cases ?

6 Answers   Microsoft, College School Exams Tests,

How do the audits cover planning activities?

3 Answers  

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