What are the limitations of automating software testing?

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how to import specifically 2nd column elements to runtime datatable in excel sheet if it contains 3 columns

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how can we exactly identity whether that is manual or automation testing? and give any ex script

1 Answers   JVS,

I have a web page.In that i have two links called "gmail" and "gmail". Both links are look same.One link is at top of the page and other link is at bottomn of the page. How the automation tool can be recognized these link and make to click the link i want?

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Please explain what is a relative xpath?

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What are the primary features of good automation tool ?

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diff b/w DBMS & RDBMS?

69 Answers   BirlaSoft, Infosys, Mind Tree, TCS,

can you ple give me Quality Center interview questions and answer

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what's main work for software tester pls u give answer step by step. starting to till ending.

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On Test Complete I recorded some keyword test. while I'm running the batch test, if one test case failed, then how test complete skip the failed test case and again continue to run the test case? please provide some way to resolve this issue.

0 Answers   STFC,

Tell us what is junit? And what is junit annotation?

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how is the best faculty for Selenium in Hyderabad?

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Can anyone tell me the correct answer of below question....it is about Bugzilla tool. When bug will find out at the time of executio where it will save or what is the location of bug??

0 Answers   Diya,