How i should sellone the mobile phone when interviewer will ask sell this phone to me?

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What do you mean by prepration of Balance sheet? how to explain this with example, please tell me if anybody knows this.

4 Answers  

Q): Intangible assets(Goodwill,patents,copyright etc) how we amortise it.. this intangilble assets value can increase so till life time we should amortise these assets please guys explain me this structure?

1 Answers  

What's the accounting entry when an Invoice is created in AR?

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what r the entries related to manufacturing company stock

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which is best CA or MBA?

1 Answers   CESU,

i have dot regarding journal entry on capital A/c, int cap A/c --- dr cap a/c is it correct , if so y can u give an answer

2 Answers  

what is mean by portfolio Management?

5 Answers   TCS,

define contra entry?

8 Answers  

What is the difference for calculation Depreciation as pert Companies Act and Income Tax

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What is Debit Note and Credit Note? Subsidory Books? Minority Interest? Stock recording in P&L? Outstanding Expenses, Prepaid Expenses and Examples?

0 Answers   Capital IQ,

Where do we show "Dividend paid in FFS ,either in FFO or in FFS? what is teh concept behind?

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a proprieter company purchase a software what is the journal entry in tally ?

8 Answers