Explain Network Topologies and their uses.

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Which device is needed to connect two LANs with different network Ids ?

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I want to known comparative networking features of windows and linux.

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which layer of osi model ensures reliable trasnmission of data

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how we can access 2 networks at a time from a system lets say 1)local network and 2)internet

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When is a translating bridge used ?

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What are class A, B,C,...

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What are some of the basic steps taken while troubleshooting blue screen errors in win xp?

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TCP/IP can work on a)ethernet b)tokenring c)a&b d)none

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Explain CSMA/CD

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Differentiate between Baseband co-axial cable and broad band coaxial cable

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What is count to infinity problem ?

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NFS server + Solaris client + Linux client, all connected at GigE to the same switch. The Linux client is fast but the Solaris client is slow. Explain troubleshooting steps

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