Explain Network Topologies and their uses.

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What are class A, B,C,...

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Dear Sir, I have installed 40 HCL thin clients model BVX 4000 on windows 2003 server in the RDP mode, Processor is xeon 3040 1.667 GHZ, with 320 GB SATA Hard Disc and and 1 GB RAM ECC DDR II RAM , in have also expanded the RAM to 8 GB. but still the Graphics and ppt are opening in frames. please do suggest me how can i use these thin Clients to work in the normal pc mode so that the graphics( Photos .JPEG images and normal power point presentations.? Regards ather.

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What are the ways to troubleshoot the network, techniques, commands?

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which is the latest versions of bluetooth & WiFi?

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Why the data input flectuation occurs when you are online?

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Explain different kinds of Switching techniques.

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Differentiate between Link state and Distance Vector Routing algorithm.

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What is wide-mouth frog?

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What are the advantages of cell switching that is used in ATM?

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Explain ATM reference model.

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Explain network layer in ATM,

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What is the difference between TFTP and FTP application layer protocols?

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