Explain any three error detection and correction techniques.

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Is the nyquist theorem true for optical fibre or only for copper wire ? Explain.

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how to create file clicking login to mail id, with out give the user name and password...

1 Answers  

What are the reasons for using layered protocols ?

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what is web server,application server,database server

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Which are the different network toplogies ?

8 Answers   Honeywell,

What is a minimum data size of an Ethernet frame ?

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what is basic of networkin ?2.what is main topik of networkin ? 3.how installed the software and drivers ? 4. how to connect the pc and net?5.what uses of protocol in networking,and tell main proto of netwo

0 Answers   HP, CMS,

Coaxial Cable?

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Discuss Shannon’s capacity. What implications does it have ?

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what do you mean by gateway?

12 Answers   Genpact, Zenith Infotech,

waht is DHCP?

8 Answers   HCL, Arvind,

how do u scan the client machine from server (AVG, McAfee & NAV)?

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