Explain any three error detection and correction techniques.

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How to make a port to a dedicated port through dll registration in a windows system

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Hi i need one website name.Which is used to identify or find the system or person who or which are logged in to the Internet or working with Internet.We can watch and access their drives(memory) also through that website.Could you please tell me which is that website.Please answer me.Advance thanks

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Explain pure-ALOHA and slotted- ALOHA systems. Give the expression for throughout for each,clearly explaining the various terms.

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what are the basic networking questions?

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what is firewall?

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what do you mean by gateway?

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Difference between Network and Networking ?

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How is Ntework Testing carried out?

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Data link protocols almost always put the CRC in a trailer rather than in a header. Why?

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wat is the course CCNA completely based on?

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what does FTP and TFTP stands for ?

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