Explain any three error detection and correction techniques.

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What is cladding?

0 Answers  

what are the major componets of client server application?

0 Answers   SoftTech, NGOS,

What is Active Directory?

3 Answers   CMS,

which one protocol used to get ip address ?

4 Answers   KPIT,

Explain the working of 3 bit sliding window protocol with suitable example.

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In which of the 7 layers of OSI will a service handling conversion of characters is from EBCDIC to ASCII be normally implemented ?

0 Answers  

What EMC hardware have you worked on? (like DMX3/4 etc) --SAN

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how to increase the ping packet size from 32 bytes to more bytes ?

5 Answers  

What is data link layer in the OSI reference model responsible for?

2 Answers   HCL,

what does FTP and TFTP stands for ?

6 Answers  

What is Project 802?

2 Answers  

how many layers are there in network & explain in simple of alll layers?

1 Answers  

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