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how many times we can deposit the old currency in one a/c in the bank

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What is the Meaning of E.& O.E ?

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p i r round ?

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If We Paid 15000/- For Advertising Exp To XYZ Co,What IS The Entry And In which Ledger It Entered? Is It Necessanry To Make 2nd Entry? Plz Discribe All.

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My question is why we debit the input tax, and cradit the output tax. wt is the logic and wt is the principal behind it adil khan( CA STUDENT)

2 Answers   Asia Transport,

The Lessee's right to recover the short working is related to

1 Answers   Websol,

What is bond ? What is capital market?

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difference between rent office rent

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Tell me how you can adjust entries into account?

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what is Marshalling? Reply me on this no. 9885789716

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what is defference between flat rate and reducing rate, and which is more affortable for borrower?

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consultancy charges receivable Rs 30000 from abc & co. tds receivable 3000

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if we import purchase of $ 20000 /rs. 80. but when we payment the party the price of Rs. 50. then how we make entry of this type of purchase.

2 Answers