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explain about the coercion

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Can private limited comapny be the Holding Comapny of other Private lImited Compnay?

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Threshold limit in income tax is stand for a year or for anything alse?

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What would the English courts make of Antonio and Shylock's bargain from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice today? Would they enforce it?Why is the rule of law important?

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Should the law restrict our freedom of speech?

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the high court which has jurisdiction over lakshadweep

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HOW TO CALCULATE PF OF A WORKER(Labour) WHOSE DAILY RATE IS 350.00?If his total working days for a month is 15 days? His total Basic wages comes = Rs.350.00x15=Rs.5250.00 As his Basic wages is less from Rs.6500.00 it is PF payable. Whether it is payable or not?

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Purchase material & lease the same. In this cases vat & service tax which is appicable?

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If original f-form is not available what the provision about central sales tax

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please give me asnwer about the huf created and which to be shown in huf as per income tax rulse

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send me sample paper of law officer in bank pre test

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In what conditions company do not pay income tax in-spite of taxable income and tax will be paid in next year as previous year income tax.

0 Answers   Goetze,

Hi, One of my friend was working in TCS. Now he is not working. But when he was in TCS, he has referred me. And he has uploaded my profile in TCS portal. He has given me one EPIR number also. Now TCS people are telling, I can't apply any jobs with that EPIR number. Last month I have attended interview in TCS with that EPIR number. I have cleared all the rounds, only documentation is pending. Now my profile is pending with HR, because of EPIR number. I have selected in interview. I am waiting for job. Please advise.

0 Answers   TCS,