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send me sample paper of law officer in bank pre test

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if transportation paid by the party and tds not applicable then the tds return is to be filed by the party for transportation only

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What you think about Protection of Women from Doemstic Violence Act, is it in favour of women or is it patial law?

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we have a licence of manufacturing himachal pradesh, so can we export raw material by purchase from our local vendor by issue of form H to the local vendor ?

0 Answers   Su Kam,

Think you are the only son to your parents, with five sisters. your maternal side, there is some property done by your grand father which they have registered to their younger brother for some security purpose when you are a child. and now in your meternal your uncle is bachelor, and your unt's are spinsters. one unt is married, but do not have any child, one more aunt is married but have a girl baby. Now my question is will you have right on the property or not.

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I would know that sales tax would be charged on amount of TCS ( Tax Collaction at Source) and TCS would be charged on amount of Sales Tax ?

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different between article and section

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What is the system to registered online for advertisment of law firm & what is the cost of advertisment?

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1.why r u pursuing mba after B.A.LL.B? 2.why r u pursuing mba in HR?

0 Answers   Integreon,

Company "A" has just secured a contract for the provision of 100 cars for the use of company "B" at various locations. Company "B" will be paying Company "A" monthly for the use of each car. Company "B" has employed and trained drivers that will handle the cars. Advise company'A" on the most appropriate mode of financing option stating reasons. Either as a finance lease,operating lease or hire purchase.

0 Answers   Reliance,

hi, mmy name is srinath and i am working in a company as contract basi, they said me that company is baring 8800rs on me and giving on hand salary of 7400rs, proffesional tax 80rs were mentioned inpayslip, am i suppose to pay ? because i am not a regular onroll employ of company please give me suggestion, on mail. or number 9533373003,plz any body give the answer

0 Answers   ITC Infotech,

Is according to child labor act 1986? if the child is found that he is working any where? and he found guilty by the owner? What type of stapes can take a normal person if he see this incident?

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what is wealth tax

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