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can we issue a waybill to the contractor for entering his equipment from outside the state( i.e Odisha) for completion of contract in the state of Odisha???

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Dear sir. My name is Long Nguyen and i am reached at the ago of 18 years old. My dad is 66 and i working while earning retirement benefit. Later, i opened a new account and the SSR sent checks to me. But at the same time, my dad received a letter " retirement, survivors and disability insurance," to return money since i was 17 years old. he already sent it back. But we didn't know what was the decision.i still keep continue to earn money until 19. please answer to us , please

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Who among the following is the auhor of the book 'Justice For Common Man' M.C steealvad Nani palkiwala H.C seervai D.D basu

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can anyone PLEASE UPDATE ME WHAT IS THE SYLLABUS OF The Company NHPC Limited (Formerly known as National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd.), LAW OFFICER EXAM ?

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Do you know the Law of Demand?

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What are the requirements of a company to register as manufacturers?

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What reference sources should you use to insure that an outgoing correspondence is accurate and correct?

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Why do we bother with environmental protection?

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Name the chairman of traffic communities ?

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what is the date for filling Quaterly rturn in case it is not submitted upto last date of it.

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What should a stenographer do if a witness who is scheduled for a court appearance does not show up to testify?

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Name the Types of Guarantee

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