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Do you think that the impact of human rights will be
severe on criminal law?

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coulomb's law states that like charges repel each other

0 Answers  

can we ask personal questions?

0 Answers  

We are registered under Service Tax commission & installation, Can we taken credit of service tax for expenses like Telephone, traveling, clearing & forwarding?

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What is your major achievement?

0 Answers   ELC Technologies, IndusInd Bank,

please give me asnwer about the huf created and which to be shown in huf as per income tax rulse

1 Answers  

has the vice president of india no formal function attached to his office?

0 Answers   UPPSC Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission,

A common High Court for two or more States and/or Union Territories may be established by the

2 Answers  

I am service provide, can i issue c form against my purchase ? i.e. we providing crane rental service, can i purchase crane against form c ?

1 Answers  

explain the provisions relating to INTER CORPORATE LOANS AND INVESTMENTS:

1 Answers   Banking,

is the carbon dust collected from the stask of diesel set is hazardous waste ?

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i am married to usa green card holder and now i want to go to usa on the student visa, will i have to face any problem if i get the visa and then i go to usa at the time of filing me on the immigrant visa status.

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Which posts I am eligible after LL.B.?

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