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what social welfare activity have you recently taken part ? what was your role in ?

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what is your view about mismatched age marriage

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what did your best and worst friends think about you?

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why india making ties with iran

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as a computer science engineer ahy are interested to join in armed forces.

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what is the impact of ur name on u? eg Akash

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what is debugging?

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how you organize tasks for drama/cultural meet to raise funds ?? what will you do if trophy does not reach on the day of the final ??

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which one is good strict teacher or friendly teacher why

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Can you handle pressure & stresses? Why do these arise? How do you think you should handle?

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describe the ideal officer ?

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who are better friends according to you-girls or boys? if boy than why boys not girl?? & if girl than why girls not boy ??

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View about Indo-Pak Relations ?

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