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is religion/community based attack killing of christians in orissa/killing of muslim in gujrat / attack on bihari

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Who was the Maratha Peshwa when the Third Battle of Panipat was fought? a. Balaji Baji Rao b. Narayana Rao c. Narayana Rao II d. Balaji Rao II

6 Answers  

Sir if there is any difference between the upsc ENGG and UPSC IES exam?? if there pls explain me

7 Answers   TCS,

sir ple send me the all subject question paper for solve

0 Answers  

hai this is gopi,i have written upsc main's exam -2008,i am not qualified in the main's can i know my marks.plz give me website address.thank uuuuuuuuuuu

0 Answers  

what does your father expect you to becom in life

4 Answers   SSB,

Audience research in India began with (1) radio (2) cinema (3) television (4) internet

3 Answers  

if i select you,what will you do for army/airforce/navy ??

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hello sir, i'm interested to pursue Indian forest service exam i finished my BE computer science , i choose geology and forestry as my optional is this gud to learn as im new to this completely ????? --- may i know the coaching institute which takes class for this in Chennai ???????? ---- My final question is , is the notes from brillian tutorial i bought is better enough to prepare for optional subjects or still books needed , if so may i have those list plz ??????

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what your view about-sexual practices?

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May i know the whole syllabus of Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner exam conducted by UPSC.

5 Answers   SAS,

Your preference for big city/small town/ rural life ? why ?

1 Answers   SSB,

you are not having a good GK, why is that so?

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