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Kindly provide me the IFOS question paper with answer

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You are not fit for defence, what will you do now?

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please tell me about any coaching institutions in Delhi for preparation of interview of assistant commandents

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Hi friends,This is Jyothirmayi.I want to attempt Groups for the first time i dont know anything about it even i didnt have the educational background regarding higher studies or jobs like this.I had my B.Tech in EEE(2008 passed out) and now i am working at TCS,Chennai.Can anybody please guide me regarding the syllabus especially if i want to write the exam in my B.Tech courses. Thanks in advance

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Hi All, Im an MCA holder with 3+ years of experience in software. Now i want to move to some good government job. I have no idea about different categories of exams held & which one can be applicable for my education background. I have done B.Com with MCA. Please help me out with your valuable suggestions. I would be very grateful. Thanks Deepthi

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what view do you have towards the government reservation policy,do you think it should be given an what criteria ? do you think reservation policy is an effective tool ?

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sir tel me the selection process of tamilnadu subinspector - for technical position and also send the model question papers.

0 Answers   HPSC Haryana Public Service Commission, TATA,

In India, the criminal liability for defamation is explained in: (1) S 125 of CrPC (2) S 499 of IPC (3) S 425 of IPC (4) S 357 of Cr PC

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if you have 10 days time at your disposal what would you do ??

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what your view about-women liberalization ??

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if you get 1 crore what will you do for your country

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The first stage of public relations practice is : (1) writing (2) editing (3) networking (4) planning

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