A question for all cricket lovers and friends. .!!How many runs a single player can score in One day match (50 overs/ 300 balls)...No 'no balls', no wides, no extras, no over throws...So how much runs he can score max???this quetion came in CSAT and 99% people answered it wrong..Clue: the answer is not 1800.

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Answer / muhammad irfan qureshi

The correct answer is 1653

B'coz a player will make 33 runs in an over b'coz he can not play again if he made 36.

so 33 in an over then 1617 in 49 overs
and in last over he can made 36 runs

1617 + 36 = 1653 runs

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Answer / shivam


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Answer / raj


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Answer / premr

The answer will 828 runs as 1 slected player will play only 25 overs in a day of 50 overs and there is exchange of players in every 1 over. So if 25th over he play then he score total 36 runs but at anoter overs he can 33 so 24×33=792. At last over 36 runs so

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Answer / deepak kale

If the player will play 5*6=30, and he will change the strike and play continue than it becomes 5*6+1=31 and total will be 1550.

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Answer / abhishek divekar

Well according to me there is max run we get is 6 run and for strike change we can run max 5 run on last bowl. So max Run in per over till 49 is 35. 35x49 = 1715. 1715 +36 = 1751.

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