CROSS+ROADS=DANGER.what is the value of D+A+N+G+E+R ?

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CROSS+ROADS=DANGER.what is the value of D+A+N+G+E+R ? ..

Answer / dvsprajesh

96233 + 62513 = 158746

D+A+N+G+E+R = 1+5+8+7+4+6 = 31

I am not sure whether this is a unique solution.
If we consider zero(0) also there could be other solutions.

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CROSS+ROADS=DANGER.what is the value of D+A+N+G+E+R ? ..

Answer / shashank kanojia


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CROSS+ROADS=DANGER.what is the value of D+A+N+G+E+R ? ..

Answer / bob

Answer is an answer

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CROSS+ROADS=DANGER.what is the value of D+A+N+G+E+R ? ..

Answer / midhesh.k


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