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what is finance

what is finance..

Answer / vignesh

money of moneys worth capitalized in any business

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What is the meaning of Journal Voucher? when u have to use this transaction tell me breif?

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what is golden rule of accounting

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Tell me do you think accounting standards are mandatory and why?

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why the provision is created in profit and lose account

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whom can deduct the TDS?

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what is accural

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what is the purpose of preparing profit and loss appropriation account in the partnership firm?

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How i should sellone the mobile phone when interviewer will ask sell this phone to me?

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If we give a discount to any customer on our invoice & issue a credit note of discount than what will be the group of discount in tally. please suggest me.

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salary and rent entry with tds deduct

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Tell me the stages of double entry system?

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