what do you c- form means

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"c" form is the form issued by buyer to supplier the
purchase transaction is on CST based.when the purchase from
out of state. the purchase details by the buyer,CST OF 2%
local VAT Excluded.c-form issued by the commercial tax
officer.buyer not issue c-form he will be paid double rate
of tax. CST Value after year will be refund.

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Answer / anil kumar prajapati

It means the issuer of the c form undertakes to pay the sales
tax. When you buy the goods outside your state you levied
sales tax at concessional rate and to get the credit the c
form is issued by the seller and you can adjust your overall
sales tax in the quarterly return.
c" form is the form issued by buyer to the supplier when
the purchase transaction is on 'CST' basis(purchased from
out of state). The form is issued by commercial tax office
on providing the 'CST' purchase details by the buyer.

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Answer / srikant sahu

c from is issued by a byer who purchasesed goods for out of state,in case the purchaser collect c from the byer for tax saving.

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Answer / naveen kumar.karumuri

C Form is used for the Interstate Sales/Purchases
For Ex.Supplier is the AP,Buyer is the Tamilnadu,in this case buyer to issue the C form against goods.
C form is useful for to save the Sales tax for Movement of Interstate sales.


Naveen Kumar.karumuri
Accounts Executive

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