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In testing what is the flow of testing AUT, like what test
is to performed first and second test and soon
Can Anyone list the sequence of testing

In testing what is the flow of testing AUT, like what test is to performed first and second test an..

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1> Static testing (review of project documents)
2>unit testing
3>integration testing
4>System testing
5>User acceptance tesing
These are the steps of testing AUT.Below I elaborately
explained the steps of system testing.

AUT means application under test /the software we are going
to test.First we have to do smoke testing.Smoke testing is
nothing but initial level of testing like we have to check
whether we are able to login,all buttons are working
properly,all links are opening ,all pages are opening
etc.Then functional testing,here we have to check all
functional requirements in detail and depth.If there are any
defects,we have to report developer for fixing the
defects.After fixing defectcs ,tester has to do sanity
testing to check whether all basic funtionality is
working.Then tester has to do retesting to cross verify
whether all the defects are fixed.After that tester will do
regression testing to check whether any new defects are
introduced due to modify the code/modify the system
environment by developer.These are the steps of System testing.

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