write a shell script to check the failed jobs?

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What are the additional egrep symbols?

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what is "umask"?

6 Answers   Wipro,

In which variable prompt value is stored?

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What is egrep?

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write a shell script that counts a number of unique word contained in the file and print them in alphabetical order line by line?

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How would you replace the n character in a file with some xyz?

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How will you schedule a job that will run every month last day?(some months have 30 days,some 31 days,28,29 days)

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write a shell script to find the largest number from 3 given numbers.

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How to rename all the files in a folder having specific extension? Example: I have some files with extension (.txt) in a folder name 'Test'. I have to rename all the .txt files in a test and its subdirectories to .my extension.

15 Answers   Interra IT,

how did u debugging in unix/ linux platform ??( project Related)

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How to change our default shell?

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Hi, I want to practise Unix korn shell scripting which i learnt 2 yr bfr. plz suggest software i can use to practise.

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