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What is POST?

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What is POST?..

Answer / rajesh kumar

Power On Self Test

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What is POST?..

Answer / abdul raheem

POST is a method which is used for send the data from the forms.

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What is POST?..

Answer / reza r

Power On Self Test, When the computer boots up, the BIOS
starts to power on every port and device attached to the
computer one by one in order to verify the availability and
the correctness of the device.

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What is POST?..

Answer / gtkhan

Short for power-on self-test, the POST is a test the computer must complete to verify all hardware is working properly before starting the remainder of the boot process. If the computer passes the POST the computer may return a single beep and if unsuccessful generate a beep code to indicate the error and not boot.

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What is POST?..

Answer / v.s.sivamuthuraja

Power On Self Test, which is used for send & retrive the
data one by one automatically that attached to the computer.

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