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what is interest on purchase consideration?

what is interest on purchase consideration? ..

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interest is indirect income.

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How many accounting standards are currently published?

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Why discount on issue of debenture is shown as ficitious assest in Balance sheet ..? same why preliminary expenses ia also shown as ficitious assets in Balance sheet :?

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What is the journal entry of building rent and TDs payment?

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In which term & condition excise invoice raises & for what excise invoice raise?

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What do you mean by trial balance?

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What is the entry of Bank Cheque Dishoner? Recieve the cheque from SBA Enviro Pvt. Ltd. on dated 5 Jan2012 of Rs.500000/-. It will be dishonered on dated 10Jan2012.

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Hi Everybody, Can anybody tell me how to create ledger in Peachtree Accounting software, means there are some Code, which Codes Comes under which ledger Account.your prompt Answer will be highly appreciated, Thanks & regards, Khan

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Mr.x gets Rs66000P.M .He told that you donot cut any dedution from my salary.This is possiable please tell some useful investment

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I purchase a material with vat@4% and want to sale it to a bihar cliet.what will be charged as cst.Narrate me as brakewise.It is very urgent to mine.

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Mention whether the account "cash" will be credited or debited when a company pays a bill?

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P2P cycle with which accounts get effected at each stage

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Equipment A has a cost of Rs.75,000 and net cash flow of Rs.20000 per year for six years. A substitute equipment B would cost Rs.50,000 and generate net cash flow of Rs.14,000 per year for six years. The required rate of return of both equipments is 11 per cent. Calculate the IRR and NPV for the equipments. Which equipment should be accepted and why?

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