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What Do U Mean By Tds

What Do U Mean By Tds..

Answer / nandakishore ambati

Tax on income of previous year is usually made on the
assessment year. To avoid tax evasion, the Income Tax Act
has made provision to collect tax by way of Tax Deduction at
Source (TDS) and Tax Collection at Source (TCS).

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what is service tax? Tell upto filling retuns.

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if vat include in purchase how to create entry in tally 9.0 for example: A item price rs. 100 include vat 13%, In tally any function we put item price 100 then vat 13% automatic reduce from price ( item price rs 87 & VAT rs 13)

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Hello all , I have a doubt regarding TDS.My salary ranges between 22k to 26 k per month and i have a TDS component cut every month.My doubt is that what is the % of tax ? what are the ways i can get back my TDS and what are the methods that can help reducing tax .And my another doubt is that whether the tax is calculated only on the basic pay or on the whole salary I get ? because my salary has HRA in its component ,will that also be counted in tax calculation or excluded ?

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Do we deduct TDS while making payment for AMC of UPS / computer of less then Rs.5000/- if yes then @ what rate?

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what is tax avoiding?

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I am George Moses from Mumbai I am asking the how to clculate the TDS on Labour ? Sub LAbour.

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In stock market,how calculate the broakrage and what is the STT ,and what is the gap and opening i don't about it plz give me right answer.

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Pass a entry for purchase a material for Rs. 2000 inclusive of VAT @ 4% on Rs. 1500 & @12.5% on Rs. 500 with narration

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