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Is it possible to list only a portion of Equity Shares
leaving the balance as unlisted?

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how can ratio analysis help to the company

1 Answers   Genpact, Ramky,

Sir, we have a machinery manufectred plant and now we want to ragistration in service tax what is the procedure for this pls help me in detal . we have ecc no. and tin no. already

1 Answers  

what is the difference of Capital and Investment?

11 Answers  

what is the path of insurance calculation?

0 Answers   Capita, IBM,

i have cleared c.s inter. for the purpose of training i want to know the companies who are providing training of c.s in punjab state.please help me in this.

2 Answers  


7 Answers  

what is meant by search report of the company n why is it prepared?

0 Answers  

How can i treat the tds in the Books of Deeductee. Example suppose my company recives an amount on Job work charges by giving tds to a deductor company. Then will i creat it under tax and liability ledger or other.

4 Answers   eClerx,

How can i make entry of tds on salary in tally

1 Answers   ABC,

what is the difference between public company and private company

12 Answers   TCS,

what need to b a cs is graduation is necessary?

1 Answers  

what is the procedure for obtaining a certificate for exemption from TDS where my income slab is not taxable..

1 Answers