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Describe your yesterday

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Describe your yesterday..

Answer / akhilesh

currently I am doing U.S shift so I get up late in morning.
Yesterday I got up at 10am. After refress my self,I took
tea my break fast.At 11:30 went through the newspaper.At
12:00 noon I spend some time with coputeter.At 12:45 I went
to my english speaking classes.I came back at 2:30 pm them
I took lunch.At 3:00 pm I shareed some light moment with my
friends Then I got miscall from cab drive around 4:55 I
locked room,and went for my job.Yesterday was very good for
me. because we had a meeting yesterday,and my manager told
to all of us that I did great job in last 3 months.I took
my dinner at 9:00 pm. I again returned to my work.At 3:00 I
logged my system and went to see roaster.I came to my house
at 3:30am.At my house main gate I gave misscall to my room
mate he openned door.I enjoyed music through FM.4:30am I
went to sleep.This is all about which I did yesterday.

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Describe your yesterday..

Answer / parv

yesterday i woke up at 6 am and went for morning walk with
my friend.
i returned back around 7 am followed my daily routines ,
took breakfast at 9 am..
after this i spend couple of hours on my computer and then
went to meet my friend at his house..
there we played cricket and had lunch by 3 pm watching some
of my favrait tv shows..
then we went to garden to meet our other buddies we had good
time together....
then i went back to my home and chat wid my parents at
diening table ...
around 10 pm i went to my bed and slept..

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Describe your yesterday..

Answer / rubal singh

yesterday was not a very special day it was very similer to
my daily routine but there was some changes which i want to
share "as i woke up round about 07:00 and after freshen up
i did some exercise so i could keep myself fit for the day
after that i took shower and had my break fast,then at
10:00 i went to attend my coaching classes as it was
schduled for 12:00 but i got a call from my teacher that he
had reschduled the timings so i had to rush in.....and when
i came back i had my lunch,and then i called my friend and
we went to a cyber cafe we spent 2 hrs and when we came
back we thought to study together so i asked him to come to
my place and he finally agreed for we studied for
2 hrs and finally after a very long day i went to sleep at

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Describe your yesterday..

Answer / pooja t

Yesterday was a normal day for was very similar to my daily routine.i woke up at 6 am and went for morning walk with my roommate.i returned at 7 am followed my daily routines,took breakfast at 9 am after that i spend couple of hours with my laptop in which i checked my emails, searched job opening etc.then i went to meet my friend at 11 am. i came back at 2 pm. then i ate my lunch i took some rest .i got up at 5.30 pm in evening then i took tea after that i studied for 2 hrs.after that i prepared my dinner and took that.then i went to bed after that i did some work on internet and then slept at 11.30 pm

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Describe your yesterday..

Answer / sunny

Currently I am doing PTE Shift from 7pm to 11:30pm. I get up
late in morning.
Yesterday I got up at 10am. After refresh my self, I took my
break fast at 11:30.
At 12:00 noon I spend some time with computer by playing games.
Then my little sister came to me at 1:30 noon, because she
needs my help for her corporate project. Then I helped her
in that project. She needs a financial statement of a
banking company, so I searched that at internet. I got the
financial statement of State Bank of patiala.
After that I took my tea at 4:30pm. After that I spend my
time with my friends on internet. Then I got a missed call
of my Friend Vikrant at 6:00pm. I picked him for office at
6:15pm. Then we reached on floor at 6:40pm. After briefing
we logged in at 7:00pm. I took
my dinner at 9:00 pm. Then I again returned to my work.
After my shift I reached home at 12:15am. I
went to sleep. This is all about which I did yesterday.

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Describe your yesterday..

Answer / anshul garg

Hii my name is anshul garg. Yesterday was a neutral day for me. I woke up at 6 0 clock. Than I finished with my daily routine , l went for park I spent almost 1 hour over their. Than I came back and took a bath. After that I prepared food for me and for my family. Than I did normal household chores with my mother. After that I spent sometime with my grandparents. After that I prepared lunch for my family.. and then I spent almost 3 to 4 hours with my laptop. In evening I went to my cousin's place than we went for shopping some house hold things. We came back to her place at 8.00. her mother ask me to have a dinner with them, than I are diner with my cousin's family at 10pm she drop me to my home. And than I took some rest and than I watched tv with my father . Than I wan too tired and went to asleep.

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Describe your yesterday..

Answer / dheeraj

Yesterday was pretty Good for me..
As usual as per the Daily routine..
I woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning...
I went for a morning walk and did some Yoga and some Exercise..
After Returning from there and after Taking break of 15 min...
I went for a bath...then I had my Breakfast...
Thereafter I meet my friend to collect some information About your Organization and to discuss the topic's which could be asked in an interview....
I came back to home around 1.30 and then had my Lunch with my mother....
After that I went in my room and spent some time on my computer...
Thereafter I prepared a cup of tea for me...
Then I watched TV , and talked with my Family about my interview... after that I took my dinner with my Family around 9 p.m then I moved outside for a walk after 30 mins I came back and Drunk a Glass of Milk and Than went to sleep... This is all about which I did yesterday....

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Describe your yesterday..

Answer / chandu

Yestarday..., i slept late night so i woke up around 10;30
A.m, then as usual i brushed my teeths and had a strong cup
of coffee. after sometime around 1, i got a call from my
friend ajay. He invited me for shoping and i agreed.
we both went to Big
Bazar, soon after shoping we took our lunch in a resturant
and went to Imax wher we had a great fun together.
When i returned home, it was too late, so i took a
bath and had a chat wth parents at the dining table and went
back to bed for sleep.

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Describe your yesterday..

Answer / rahul

yesterday was a normal day for me, i woke up at 7 in the
morning and went to bathroom.There i did my daily
routine.After tooking a bath i prpared my breakfast that
was a coffe and some maggi.thenafter i went through
newspaper.At 10 am i went to maket and bought some fresh
vegetables for lunch and then i came back to my room.There
i did some work on internet.At 1'o clock i prapered my
lunch and then took it.then i red a book named 'Mean kamph'
at 5'o clock i went to the big bajaar for some shopping.and
after shopping i returned to home.Tere iagain did some work
on internet and then i prapared my dinner and took
that.then i went to bed and again read that book and during
reading i slept.

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Describe your yesterday..

Answer / nivas

Well yesterdway was usual day for me. I woke up early in
the morning by 5.30. got ready wnt to office. Logged in by
6.30 am .. I had given some complience CBT yesterday as per
my clients requirement. Finished my work. and logged out by
4.30Pm catch a bus. went back to home.. had some rest. had
dinner by 9:30 and went to bed.thats it.

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