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We have sales some items to our customer 4 yr. before and
he is refusing to issue C form so, what can i do.

We have sales some items to our customer 4 yr. before and he is refusing to issue C form so, what ..

Answer / deepak

issue a debit note to party with charges full rate of CST
instead of low rate against C -Form..

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I want PTR Number and I am working professionaly related documents i have but officer asked me to bring any business commencement proof. here,I have no business? so what proof i will give to him.

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We are generally give order to the printing company for printing our uniqe file,calender,sovenour,answer sheet,envelop etc, when company submite the bill it charge the bill includes vat@4%, so can we deduct the TDS on total invoice value or only cost amount (exclude the vat).

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if i have done some printing works and Party raised invoice including vat 4% in that particulars case. can i deducted tds if Yes on which persentage of rate?

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What will be the TDS deducted for Net salary of Rs. 10,500 for month

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If my Income is 180000 p.a., so what tax I have to be deposit, explain with details of total calculation?

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Hi, When your orgnization is applicable for VAT payment..? Payment date of VAT ? Return date of VAT ? What is VAT Summary..?? What is Vat Set off ?? Which Entry to be passed after filing return or payment..??? I will be very thankful to you if anyone can give the detail in short how to file VAT return..? which form etc..?????

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Can we get excise and VAT credit form staff welfare goods like shoes, uniform, goggles etc.?

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We need to know is their any govt notification for VAT & Service both applicable for one item or single invoices

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what is difference among VAT, CST and sale tax

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Whether Meeting of Board of Directors Can Be held at any Place other tan Registered Office.

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What is TDS and what are the various rates of TDS?

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Under what circumstances Deferred Tax Liability or Deferred Tax Assets entries to be passed ? or what is the advantage by passing the above entries ? How the above entries to be nullified / reversed ( with examples please )

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