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int main()
int x=10;
printf("x=%d, count of earlier print=%d",
x,printf("x=%d, y=%d",x,--x));


returns error>> ld returned 1 exit status
Does it have something to do with printf() inside another

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int main() { int x=10; printf("x=%d, count of earlier print=%d", ..

Answer / aditya lele

It does not return an error .
the output would be
x=9, y=9x=9, count of earlier print=8

HINT: try and understand the way printf evaluation works (right to left or left to right), also keep in mind when printf is called and what argument values are passed and when exactly is the data written to STDOUT

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int main() { int x=10; printf("x=%d, count of earlier print=%d", ..

Answer / aditya lele

By the way the error that you are talking about is because
of the fact that your function has an integer return type
and you are not returning anything.
add a

return 0;

at the end before you close the main()

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