Declaration of Cube
Guys please help me.. Is this a right way to declare cube.?
If i Compile it.

It Says: Cube undeclared

what should i do?

Please help

\thanks in advanced


main( )
float x,y;
printf("Enter Number:");
scanf("%d", &x);

y = cube(x);
printf("%f %f %f \n", x,pow(x,2),y);

float x;

float y;
y = x*x*x;
return (y);

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Declaration of Cube Guys please help me.. Is this a right way to declare cube.? If i Compile it. ..

Answer / michael

you need to do
printf("Enter Number:");
scanf("%d", &x);

before entering while loop
becauser in while loop it needs to know what is x


float x=0

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Declaration of Cube Guys please help me.. Is this a right way to declare cube.? If i Compile it. ..

Answer / sanjay741

its so simple... 1st of all i would like to tell you that Cube(element) is not a math function... so develop a function for cude and just call it...

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