what is the meaning of banking

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if current liabity items shown in asset side of balance sheet then whats position of that company

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There are two Business areas 1100 and 1200. I need to pick 1200 b.areaonly While enter the transaction? could any one please post the answer for this.

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What is the journal entry for sundry debtors

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if company give the purchase order worth of 10,000 (INR) in advance, but the seller only sell around 8,000 (INR)and remain ing Rs 2000 return to the company, so how to deal with this scenario in accounts payable in oracle, can u hide to me

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What is a cpa?

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i am trying to set up a recurring reversing journal in Oracle GL, my problem is i have income balance of £30k that i only want to show 1/12th in a period over 12 months. can any one help me set it up . i want to show P01-13 opening balance £30k less £27500 P02-13 reverse P01-13 journal P02-13 opening balance £30k less £25000 etc. or does anyone know of another way it can be done automatically every month.

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what are GAAP items and examples of such?

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If cheque issued for 1400/- and recorded as 1900/- how do we rectify this error.

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how can i settle the party ac with cr & dr

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Explain the Parameters required in the Setup of Financial Option and Payable Option

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Hello Friends, I am Vinod Rawat & want some tips of interview question for the post of accountant in a reputed company Pls. Given Examples.

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