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How would you encourage team building unit for effeciency
in the office?

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explain the relevance of closing stock account in trading a/c when preparing the gross profit?

0 Answers   RR Donnelley,

What are the advantages of computer accounting over paper accounting?

0 Answers  

what is a capital budgeting

23 Answers   Capital IQ,

How Can We Justify the,Real A/C & Nominal A/C?

0 Answers   Cap Gemini,


3 Answers   India Infoline,

How many type of Invoices?

10 Answers   Deloitte,

Hello sir, i am assistent executive in partnership firm.i learn't tds return, sales tax return, service tax return and all accounting entry,reconciliation with customer & supplier.BRS. please guide me for more knowledgeble sectore in account. hense i reach become a good position in account sectore.

0 Answers  

what is the impact of bank garantee of rs 100000 on cash flow statement which has been expired...& impact on bank reconcilation statement

0 Answers   Genpact,

what is difference between job costing and process costing?

2 Answers  

Which of the following statement is not true: (a) If del-creder’s commission is allowed, bad debt will not be recorded in the books of consignor (b) If del-creder’s commission is allowed, bad debt will be debited in consignment account (c) Del-creder’s commission is allowed by consignor to consignee (d) Del-creder’s commission is generally relevant for credit sales

2 Answers  

What is the difference between accounts and finance ?

1 Answers  

At the time of advance tds deducted 2% contract which was wrong but when we adjusting the adavace tds deducting 10% rent how can we adjusting that amount

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