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Describe VSWR?

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Describe VSWR?..

Answer / ch.amarnadh

It is voltage standing wave ratio.

It is the ratio of max voltage to the min voltage along the
transmission line.

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Describe VSWR?..

Answer / sunil choudhary

In telecommunications, standing wave ratio (SWR) is the
ratio of the amplitude of a partial standing wave at an
antinode (maximum) to the amplitude at an adjacent node
(minimum), in an electrical transmission line.

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Describe VSWR?..

Answer / prashant mathur

VSWR stands Voltage Standing Wave Ratio. It means ratio of
output voltage Vo to the input voltage Vin.

VSWR = Vo/Vin

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Describe VSWR?..

Answer / roshan singh

When a transmission line (cable) is terminated by an impedance that does not match the characteristic
impedance of the transmission line, not all of the power is absorbed by the termination. Part of the power
is reflected back down the transmission line. The forward (or incident) signal mixes with the reverse (or
reflected) signal to cause a voltage standing wave pattern on the transmission line. The ratio of the
maximum to minimum voltage is known as VSWR, or Voltage Standing Wave Ratio.

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Describe VSWR?..

Answer / vinod patil

VSWR means Voltage standing wave ratio,
we take vswr for impedance matching,
if u want to take vswr graph u need site master

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Describe VSWR?..

Answer / anand tiwari

it is ratio b/w power transmitted by antenna and power feed
to antenna.

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Describe VSWR?..

Answer / saurav sharma

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio is the ratio of reflected waves
over forward waves.

Its value is -1.33
neither in db nor in watts.

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Describe VSWR?..

Answer / alok sharma

VSWR is tha ratio of the output voltage to the input voltage .

VSWR = ____________________


MAX. VSWR = 1.3 V

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Describe VSWR?..

Answer / balaji

VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) is the ratio of incident
voltage to reflected voltage.

VSWR = V+/V-

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Describe VSWR?..

Answer / rizwan

vswr is used to find the amplification of antenaa taransmission line
It is the way to measure the transmission line imperfactions

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