Hi friends I need to know about jubula automation tool. Is anybody know in bangalore where jubula tanning class is going on do let me know. Its urgent for me to learn that tool please help.

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Can anyone tell me about "Step- By Step Paramterization". among the two paramaterizations, Step by step and Parameterize All, which one is mostly used.

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What is Distributed testing? How does UFT support it?

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Hi,i have 3 years of experience in manual and Automation qtp.present i am searching for job in automation qtp 2Yrs,How to Explain the interviwer Roles and Responsibilites.please help me.

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how to merge object repositories?

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For ex we are doing automate testing in that can we do some part of application recording, some part descriptive programing and some part general VB scripting like that .............

3 Answers   Satyam,

What is Tree view?

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How to send QTP test results to an email...(with out using Quality Center)?

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Can anyone pls tell me how to do action parameterization (input and output parameters) with respect to login window and insert order of flight reservation window in detail( pls give a clear step by step explanation with example) anyone please. Will be very thankful to u

0 Answers   Avenger Software,

Hi can anybody send me the QTP material, To my email ID: nuve1284@gmail.com ?

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How QTP recognizes Objects in AUT?

1 Answers   Crea,

What type of VB script u had done in expert view?

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how to retrive that the number of spaces are in a string ????

2 Answers   Liquid Hub,