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uppcl k interview me kya puchha jata hai?

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uppcl k interview me kya puchha jata hai?..

Answer / brijesh kumar

if u are fresher then they will asked u theory question
other wise your experience type.

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uppcl k interview me kya puchha jata hai?..

Answer / mohit

me too selected in it. but i am very confused over this , what would be asked in interview.....

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uppcl k interview me kya puchha jata hai?..

Answer / prashant

if anybody having previous interview exp of UPPCL AE
Computer Sci,

please it here


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uppcl k interview me kya puchha jata hai?..

Answer / shahanwaz khan


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uppcl k interview me kya puchha jata hai?..

Answer / shad

uppcl k je k expected cuttof ktna hoga??? anybody tell me ???

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Can u pls tell me how shd I prepare for the Interview for the post of Research Officer Grade B- DEAP, RBI. I hav cleared the WE.

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