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How to pass journal entry for payment of 20 % of outstanding income tax demand of AY 14- 15 of an company in the AY 18-19.

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what is bank reconsilation statement?and hw it will be calculating

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The jouranl entry of purchage of fixed assets are assents a/c dr. to cash/bank account why we not make journal entry for this is purchage a/c dr. to cash/bank .

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can we issue bonus shares at premium? how?

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How to prepare in yearly turnover?

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Sir I am taking the Salary Rs 18000/- the shown to me in Pay Roll Basis but not deduct any PF. Plz told me tha is the company liable to deduct my PF?

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How to split the company in tally?

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the amount paid aganist the outstanding salary and the amount paid aganist the loan (liabilities)-how and where to make an entry?

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what you mean by amortisation

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what do you mean byrecoupment of shortworkings in royalty accounts

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