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I will get USA visa(f1 visa), if i apply for animation study
in New York Film Academy for one year or diploma course. How
much chance to get visa?

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I want to apply for a F-1 Visa, but I don't have much money in the bank and my family owns very little property. I have enough money for plane tickets and a month of school in the USA. How are my chances? How should I prove my financial responsibility when I don't have much money?

3 Answers  

Hai this is divya chandra. I got admission in silicon valley university.But don't have any gre,toefl, ielts. Now to face visa interview question. And have to answer for this pls tell me? And i have 3 years exp in it. Pls reply me

2 Answers   Visa,

Why you choose this course?you can also study in nepal?why usa

9 Answers   ICICI, Visa,

what name of obama wife?

1 Answers  

Why no in Idia, and oly USA???

1 Answers   US Consulate, WalMart,

I am a citizen of Nepal and i would like to proceed my further studies in the USA. I have got my I 20 from a reputed college in the USA but i am not sure of getting the visa. In my transcript, i have got only 58.6% in my high school taking the science faculty. My family has the expenses to pay for my tuition fees. But i think they will not give me the visa regarding my very low percentage. What shall i do? Will i get the visa ?

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I am having 2 backlogs during my B.Tech degree and had cleared within time with an agg. of 71%.If Vo asks the no. of backlogs...can it affect on the guide interview date is near....also I've heard not to lie to Vo as marksheets can reveal everything...m very help me..

2 Answers   US Consulate,

i ve already completed my MBA in marketing and financce.. now i'm planning to pursue MBA in international business. so plz suggest answer for "why masters again"

2 Answers   US Consulate,

why this university?

0 Answers   Teaching, Visa,

MY GMAT score is very low...240. i ve applied through my toefl score and i got my i20. shall i specify my GMAT score or not. if yes... what shall i answer for y such a low score. i ve work experience of 2 years as relationship manager in mahindra finance. plz suggest answers. thanks

1 Answers   Visa,

Who is paying for your education and what is his/her income?

4 Answers  

i didny receive my toefl score till now even though i wrote it 5months back, how should i order for another copy can any help me plz....

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