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what is Test management fundamental?

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Can u tell Bug Report Tool

5 Answers  

what is the metrics followed in a small company( if its not a cmm level company). if there is no business analyst in a company then who will prepare the requirement documents

1 Answers  

What is database testing?

5 Answers   Captronic, TCS,

what is project testing & product testing, and what is the differene ? plz explan with example

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Can Someone tell me scenario in testing having low severity and high priority and vice versa

6 Answers   CybAge,

what should we do if the developer rejects the bug?

2 Answers  

Explain Functionality Testing Techniques

2 Answers   Target,

Explain three tier architechture of the java project? what is the web server and what is the database server?

1 Answers   Infosys,

When first time we are testing the screen then we have to write that this screen should contains so & so columns [ suppose there r 10 columns on that screen]in the expected result

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Hi all, Can u pls help me with some Testing mannual for Test case preparation, Test planning and for attending ISTQB Examination. Kindly provide your feedback in this mail id ( Tnks & Rgds Bijesh G

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whta is compile module?

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In a web application one page is getting open in server & if i tries to open the same page in the local system,application is throwing page not found error. what are all the possible scenarios? Please let me know the scenarios

1 Answers   AppLabs,