how to make a project accounting in tally erp9 ?

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What do you mean by Accrued Expenses ?

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why is nifty lower than sensex?

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What is Earning per share?

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what is eoq? WHAT IS ITS FORMULA

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what is stock? what is bond? who is portfolio manager? corporare action?

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Is there any classification of direct and indirect expenses in peach tree? then why?

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I want to know about the excise and service tax, what is service Tax and Excise duty, when we use them in proffessional life?

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What are the different type of bank accounts maintained in tally

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Please let me know the journal entry for the below. "A" paid Rs.100 to "C" on behalf of "B"

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Accounting Question Help Please? I would like to know how I should journalize this entry: Credit invoice received from Sam's Trailors for a 10% price adjustment on invoice #515, $1910 Please tell me what to debit/credit....purchase discounts, or purchase returns. THANKS

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what is the use of activity based costing, process costing, product costing, what are the steps followed for the same

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define holding company,public company, if the compnay be a public company what will the criteria? asked on 30/7/09

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