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What is quality discount?????////
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what is accounts payable ..what is accounts receivable

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1 Answers   Bank Of America,

what is capital revenue and capital expenditure?

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Explain what knowledge should financial accountant have?

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Trial balance as on 31st March, 2014 Particulars Debit Pula Particulars Credit Pula Wages 14 100 Dividends received 4 300 Salaries 13 000 Bank overdraft 41 000 Opening Stock 40 000 Returns 1 000 Machinery 49 000 Creditors 14 200 Investments 30 700 Sales 258 500 Drawings 23 000 Capital 30 000 Purchases 130 000 Returns 2 000 Debtors 18 000 Advertising 13 400 Interest 4 800 Cash 11 000 349 000 ======= 349 000 ======== Additional information: 1. Closing stock is valued at P53 000. 2. Wages include P350 being advance against wages. 3. Wages include P1 000 paid for erection of machinery. 4. A purchase of stationery for P430 has been inadvertently included in the Purchases account. 5. A sale of investments with a book value of P2 600 for P2 500 has been included in the Sales Account. 6. Salaries include P150 per month paid to the proprietor’s domestic servant. 7. Machinery is to be depreciated by 10 per cent. Required: a. The revenue statement (Trading and Profit and Loss Account) for the year ended 31st March 2014 and b. Statement of financial position (Balance Sheet) as on 31st March, 2014.

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How you classify bank Account?

1 Answers   Satyaki Educational Academy,

What is trail balance

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What are the functions of a General Ledger? What accounts are usually maintained in it and from what subsidiary books are they derived?

1 Answers   Broadridge,

If a promoter has purchased an asset on behalf of the company before the incorporation of the same then what will be the accounting treatment to record the asset in the books of company

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what is the meaning of single entery system and double entery system ?

4 Answers   Suzlon,

Which is the adjustment which is not a part of Trial balance but a part of Balance sheet ?

9 Answers   Genpact, HSBC,

What is a Bluechip Company?

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