Pls tell me the basic rules of accounts for interview in
finanace or accounts section

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Company Providing Mobile handset to all employee on free of cost and returnable basis while leaving the job. My query is- how i account the above transaction - under fixed asset or mobile expenses- ( indirect exp) or staff welfare ( indirect exp ) Kindly suggest

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Which group shuold be for custom duty?

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what is bills receviables?

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what is the Difference between CC & OD accounts

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what is the journal entry for gas connection taken by company for preparing tea and coffee.

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What is Differed revenue expenditure?

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what is provision what is the difference between provision & reserve

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what is the basic difference between pooling of interest method and purchase method in amalgamation

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simple meaning of debit and credit...?

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why journal entry are necessary

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How do caculate goodwill of a company?

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What is difference between financial lease & operating lease (IAS 17)? Also pass the journal entry treatment for both the leases.

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