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What is wide-mouth frog?

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What is wide-mouth frog?..

Answer / annoyket

the answer above is not the one.....obviously!!
The Wide Mouth Frog protocol is a computer network
authentication protocol designed for use on insecure
networks (the Internet for example). It allows individuals
communicating over a network to prove their identity to
each other while also preventing eavesdropping or replay
attacks, and provides for detection of modification and the
prevention of unauthorized reading.

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What is wide-mouth frog?..

Answer / waseem ahmed reegoo khrew

wide mouth frog is a protocol used for authentication checking whether the user who wants to make connection with other user is a valid user or not...........accordingly actions are taken whether to make or disconnect his request.........
there is nothing like a frog opening his mouth wide..........

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What is wide-mouth frog?..

Answer / guest

keep hunting for a Frog with a wide mouth

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