what is your passion

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what is your passion..

Answer / chandana

My passion is to do the normal things a bit different

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what is your passion..

Answer / kajalpreet kaur

my passion to teach the difficult topics to my friends with
good real life examples.

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2 Answers   Genpact,

How many street lights are there in pune?

13 Answers   eClerx,

hii,,,,i have been called for NDS interview ,,,can anyone pls post about the interview procedure and topics asked ...thanks..

0 Answers  

oyou r in technical field thn why u r coming to the banking area???

1 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

how i have to start personal interview i mean to say we have to mention over strength or weekness?

1 Answers  

what would be the two fractions of 100 ? there must be a difference of 1 between both fraction ???????

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Hi I worked in domino's pizza for five years from starting junior level to senior assistant manager level I left the job due to some health issues but till 8month I haven't joined in any company soo few months back I got a opportunity to work in cafe coffee day as a cafe manager But here I'm getting less salary then previous one due to I not got any job do 3rd soo long ago I joined in coffee day for less salary now I am not feeling too good to work here soo now I want to try some other job like in fashion or beauty industry but when I went for a interview The all interviewer are asked only one question like y u want to leave this current job it's not been completed three months also by working there and another critical question is y u joined such a low salary soo I was really got blank on this questions Will somebody help me out to what should I answer them and what career should I choose

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Solve this: Im a 11 Letter City. Last 6 letter is fruit name. 7,8,3 is a bird name. 6,7,5,3 is a part of a face. 1,8,3 is use 4 student. 9,5,3 is a soap name.

3 Answers   Wipro, Mtech, TC Tyres,

20 apple 1 rupees(indian CURRENCY)1 orange 5 rupees and 1 lemon 4 rupee.i wan to buy 100 fruits(above mentioned)for 100 rupees. tell me how much quantity of apple orange and lemon will be buy for 100 rupees. this is serious qstn.help me plzz????????

5 Answers  

who discover milk????

8 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

Anyone else in this world Ever Imgine about An Interviewer from A Consultancey Recruitment Agency and WHAT INTERVIEW HE/SHE FACED FOR THAT POST ? AND WHAT EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION THEY SHOULD HAVE ? Above all WHAT kNOWLEDGE THEY HAVE ?

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Talk something about Women Empowerment

0 Answers   Tech Mahindra, TE, Genpact, Wipro,