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What is the meaning of Excise duty?Wat are the rules?

What is the meaning of Excise duty?Wat are the rules?..

Answer / mateen

Excise Duty is payable on the exciseable good which is
manufactor in india.Central excise rule 2002 having the 33
rule in term of central excise act

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Is VAT & CST should be charged at a time on one purchased item? please give more clearity on this issue?

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the amount of tds is remain same shall will be deducted by deductor or deductee

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Igave a cheque of Rs 25000/- to a Professional. Do I deduct TDS on Rs 25000/, then after three months I further pay the same Professional Rs 40000/-.Have I to pay Tds on 25000 Or Rs 65000/- or only Rs 40000/-,Have I to pay interest on delayed payment for Rs 25000/-?

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what is TDS & CST ????????

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