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This program numbers the lines found in a text file. Write a
program that reads text from a file and outputs each line
preceded by a line number. Print the line number
right-adjusted in a field of 3 spaces. Follow the line
number with a colon, then one space, then the text of the
line. You should get a character at a time and write code to
ignore leading blanks on each line. You may assume that the
lines are short enough to fit within a line on the screen.
Otherwise, allow default printer or screen output behavior
if the line is too long (i.e., wrap or truncate). A somewhat
harder version determines the number of spaces needed in the
field for the line numbers by counting lines before
processing the lines of the file. This version of the
program should insert a new line after the last complete
word that will fit within a 72-character line.

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