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how to write test cases for online restaurant table booking

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Write test cases for this scenario if a job fails it should get restarted again this should happen for three times if it fails again then it should quit?

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explain end to end scenario's for online Money transfer in Banking Domain?

0 Answers   Flock,

How to write test case for this scenario. The Contact Information screen shall be displayed to the user during Case Create (Local Only),

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write test case for button of google page?"i am feeling lucky" if button is not appear on page?

0 Answers   Google,

Explain the integration testing?

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what are the different Test case Formats posted by aperson the answer is IEEE or IEE_894 wht is this actuly

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Circle any inconsistencies in the following text: User Story 3005 - Dave wishes to talk to Fred using a radio. Business Requirements: 1. Dave needs the ability to put a line into select. 2. Dave receives a visual color and text indication that the line is selected (picked up). a. Default indication will be that the pad turns red and the text ‘Select’ appears as the 3rd line of text. 3. David hears audio from a selected line in his defined audio path. 4. Dave uses Push-To-Talk to talk to Fred. 5. Dave receives a visual color and text indication that the line has been de-selected (hung up). • The default inactive state is a white pad with no text on the 2nd line. 6. Multiple Freds can select the same radio. 8. If a radio is selected while another radio is already selected, then the first phone is automatically deselected.

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whai is the exactly meaning of test case

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what are the sanity test cases for a waterBottel?

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write a test case which covers the major functionality of yahoo login

4 Answers   Hewitt,

An Excel sheet contains 2rows and 3 columns of data.I want to copy these data in to the another excell sheet. Write the possible positive and negative test cases?

0 Answers   IBM,

Please tell m all posiible tst cass for this--> A password of password field will expire in 45 days.It should send 1st reminder message to user whn 10 days are left and 2nd reminder message when 5 days are left and 3rd reminder mssage when 2 days are left.write all positive and negativ test cass for this.

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