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what is the purpus of the chain and setll and setgt ?

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what is the purpus of the chain and setll and setgt ?..

Answer / sameer tirkey

Chain would fetch a record based on search criteria and put the result in the input field. The search condition could be key value or rrn , based on the value fed the search is made and the records are fetched.

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what is the purpus of the chain and setll and setgt ?..

Answer / k

CHAIN is used for random retrieval from a File. In other
words, whatever value used by programmer in Factor 1/Key
against CHAIN opcode will be used as search/find criteria in
can be well understand, in case of using composite keys.

But in case of SETLL and SETGT, program will return some
value, if any value present in the database/physical file.

CHAIN = Sets pointer on exact value

SETLL = Sets pointer on Lower Limit of the value

SETGT = Sets pointer on Greater Limit of the value


It is recommended, use CHAIN only, if record exist in
database file, instead of SETLL and SETGT, which can be used

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