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How you create a button dynamically?

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How you create a button dynamically?..

Answer / venkataramakrishna

1. Create a Object from CButton control. CButton m_ctlButton

with this we can create the button by dynamically.

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How you create a button dynamically?..

Answer / 106743013743

CButton myButton1, myButton2, myButton3, myButton4;

// Create a push button.
myButton1.Create(_T("My button"), WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE|BS_PUSHBUTTON,
CRect(10,10,100,30), pParentWnd, 1);

// Create a radio button.
myButton2.Create(_T("My button"), WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE|BS_RADIOBUTTON,
CRect(10,40,100,70), pParentWnd, 2);

// Create an auto 3-state button.
myButton3.Create(_T("My button"), WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE|BS_AUTO3STATE,
CRect(10,70,100,100), pParentWnd, 3);

// Create an auto check box.
myButton4.Create(_T("My button"), WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE|BS_AUTOCHECKBOX,
CRect(10,100,100,130), pParentWnd, 4);

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