How to setup a timer?

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How to setup a timer?..

Answer / arvin

The SetTimer function creates a timer with the specified
time-out value.

UINT_PTR SetTimer(
HWND hWnd,
UINT uElapse,
SetTimer(1, 200, 0);

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How to setup a timer?..

Answer / kamal

SetTimer(1, 10000, NULL);

Enter this function OnInitDialog()

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How to setup a timer?..

Answer / kishore kumar naik p

We can set the timer using SetTimer method, this method
posts WM_TIMER message after every 'X' seconds configured,
The message will be placed in the message queue of the
application and application takes little time to take the
message and process so these are not accurate.

For accurate timers we have Multimedia timers,

To start a multimedia timer we can use

MMRESULT timeSetEvent(
UINT uDelay,
UINT uResolution,
UINT fuEvent

To kill a multimedia timer
MMRESULT timeKillEvent(

Refers MSDN for more

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