Two trains 200 miles apart are traveling toward each other
along the same track. Two trains have the same speed 100MPH.
A bee is hovering just above the nose of the first train. It
buzzes from the first train to the second train, turns
around immediately, flies back to the first train, and turns
around again. It goes on flying back and forth between the
two trains until they collide. If the bee's speed is twice
the speed of two trains, how far will it travel?

Two trains 200 miles apart are traveling toward each other along the same track. Two trains have t..

Answer / rajesh chodavarapu

until the trains collides the bee has to travel. the time taken to collide with each other * bee's speed will give you the total distance travelled by the bee.
the velocity of the two trains= 100MPH
the distance between them= 200Miles
the time taken to collide= one hour
the distance travelled by the bee = 1 Hour* 200MPH
= 200Miles
hence the distance travelled by the bee is 200Miles

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