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How QTP recognizes Objects in AUT?

How QTP recognizes Objects in AUT? ..

Answer / b.ramyasri


QuickTest stores the definitions for application objects in
a file called the Object Repository. As you record your
test, QuickTest will add an entry for each item you
interact with. Each Object Repository entry will be
identified by a logical name (determined automatically by
QuickTest), and will contain a set of properties (type,
name, etc) that uniquely identify each object.

Each line in the QuickTest script will contain a reference
to the object that you interacted with, a call to the
appropriate method (set, click, check) and any parameters
for that method (such as the value for a call to the set
method). The references to objects in the script will all
be identified by the logical name, rather than any
physical, descriptive properties.

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