Explain the QTP Tool interface.

Explain the QTP Tool interface...

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It contains the following key elements:

1.Title bar, displaying the name of the currently open test

2.Menu bar, displaying menus of QuickTest commands

3.File toolbar, containing buttons to assist you in
managing tests

4.Test toolbar, containing buttons used while creating and
maintaining tests

5.Debug toolbar, containing buttons used while debugging

Note: The Debug toolbar is not displayed when you open
QuickTest for the first time. You can display the Debug
toolbar by choosing View > Toolbars > Debug.

6.Action toolbar, containing buttons and a list of actions,
enabling you to view the details of an individual action or
the entire test flow.

Note: The Action toolbar is not displayed when you open
QuickTest for the first time. You can display the Action
toolbar by choosing View > Toolbars > Action. If you insert
a reusable or external action in a test, the Action toolbar
is displayed automatically.

7.Test pane, containing two tabs to view your test-the Tree
View and the Expert View Test Details pane, containing the
Active Screen.

8.Data Table, containing two tabs, Global and Action, to
assist you in parameterizing your test Debug Viewer pane,
containing three tabs to assist you in debugging your test-
Watch Expressions, Variables, and Command. (The Debug
Viewer pane can be opened only when a test run pauses at a

9.Status bar, displaying the status of the test.

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